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Previous Talks

Included are all the TEDxBrevard Women TEDtalks from 11.11.2023

Clinton and Ella Colmenares

Gender Across Generations

Clinton and Ella's TEDtalk discussed how Clinton taught Ella about being whatever and whoever she wanted, breaking long held gender roles. 

Sarah Dearbaugh

Good Grief and Community

After Sarah's mothers passing, she created and leaned into her community for support. Her TEDtalk is a poignant reminder that community means everything. 

Tara Jean Melendez

Packing Light for the Appalachian Trail 

Tara Jean Melendez shares her experience choosing to plan her AT hike while releasing personal weights of life holding her back. 

Leah Webb

Healthy Food Is A Gift 

Leah Webb shares her TEDtalk story on the knowledge that if we plant healthy things, in healthy environments, it will grow. As with plants, so with people. 

Kyzandrha Zarate

Celebrating the Ebb & Flow

Kyzandrha shares in her TEDtalk about the importance of taking time to reset and renew, allowing the ebb and flow of life to help us move into the direction we want to be. 

Cyndy Cathcart

What Is Your Story?

In her TEDtalk, Cyndy shares the news of hope and holding space for those we love as the travel through the grief and healing from sexual trauma. 

Billy Smith

Step Into The Light

Billy Smith came to a point where his purpose saved his life. Listen to his TEDtalk and know that your calling is your purpose. 

Jill Haynie

Hammered-The Raw Truth

Listen to Jill's funny and touching TEDtalk about her journey from taking all her life lessons and creating a purpose driven experience to insure others. 

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