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TEDxBrevard Speakers

We Are Thrilled Announce our TEDxBrevard Speaker Team

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TEDxBrevard Speakers Announcement 

May 2024 


Your TEDxBrevard Speaker Team

Cyndy Orr- Cathcart.JPG
Cyndy Orr- Cathcart.JPG


The TEDxBrevard Speaker Application submissions are now in review.

We received over 20 submissions from local, regional, national and international people, interested in sharing their TEDtalk idea. The range of topics and depth of knowledge is truly mid blowing! Thank you for submitting your proposed TEDtalk!

Now, the Team carefully reviews each speaker submission, sends out clarifying questions and asks for additional information to candidates.


Each person is an integral part of the event and we are thrilled to know that the candidate group is of the highest caliber.  

The theme "In These Mountains" was thoughtfully chosen to share to the world how our community in these mountains represents such an important and diverse group of people, all working together to enjoy our mountain home. 


Please get involved by becoming a sponsor, performer, vendor and volunteer with us. 

Contact us at 

Look for Speaker Announcements in May 2024 

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