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Mountain Range
Performer on Stage

Inagrual Event  9•28•24
Porter Center, Brevard College

TEDx events are locally organized, sponsored by local businesses, bringing together communities on the platform of "Ideas Worth Sharing". 

  •  9 speakers

  • musicians

  • sponsors,

  • volunteers

  • vendors

  • community involvement opportunities. 

Mountain Range
2024 TEDxBrevard
2024 TEDxBrevard
Sep 28, 2024, 3:30 PM EDT
Porter Center – Brevard College
TEDxBrevard is a locally curated and organized event, licensed by the TED organization with licensing granted to provide the TEDXBrevard experience with our community and a global audience on the TEDx stage.

2024 Speakers

2024 Speakers List and introduction coming soon!

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